High-Velocity Water Jetting

Clearing Pipes with the Power of Water


Today, water can be used to cut almost anything. With enough pressure, water can even cut through diamonds with ease. At Rapid Flow, Inc. we harness the awesome power of water and pressure with our high-velocity water-jetting services to give you clear, unobstructed drain pipes and a steady of waste water through your system!

Grease, sand, silt, sludge, debris – no single type of blockage can withstand water-jetting for long once employed. Done correctly by trained technicians, water-jetting can completely clear and descale obstructed pipes and eliminate your blockage problems for good.

How Does Water Jetting Work?

Rapid Flow attaches various types of nozzles to our hoses - operating at various angles for effective thrust and power. By doing so, we can efficiently and effectively target and clear away obstructions that conventional snake tools are unable to reach.

Our equipment is specifically designed to push and cut through materials like built up oil deposits, leaves, animal fat, and other debris inside sewer drains, grease lines, and pipes. These powerful machines can reach pressures of up to 4000 psi and deliver up to 26 liters per minute to get the job done right. Rapid Flow can even opt for rotating heads for our nozzles which allows for the type of flushing and penetration you need to all kinds clear blocked drains.

For more information concerning our water-jetting services, or to schedule your own one-on-one service appointment with us, call Rapid Flow, Inc. at 781-289-7106.