Grease Trap & Drain Lining Cleaning

Professional Drain Line & Grease Trap Cleanings


If you run a business, especially a restaurant, you are all too familiar with the dangers of pouring liquefied animal fats and vegetable oils down your drains. You know the damage it can cause if left unattended. You understand how the build-up can cost you thousands in repairs in the long run, and you want to be safe.

That is why Boston-area business owners – like you - trust Rapid Flow, Inc. to give them the clear drains and grease traps they need to keep their kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, and drains free of obstruction!

You see, grease traps or inceptors - as they are often referred to - prevent solidified grease from entering and overwhelming a septic system. Failure to properly clean and maintain grease traps and grease drain lines will eventually lead to easily avoidable yet undesirable outcomes. These can include, but are not limited to:

• Offensive odors
• Drain clogs and back ups
• Needing to pump the septic system more often or replace it entirely
• And more…

How Rapid Flow Can Help:

When you sign up for services from Rapid Flow, we pump, remove and dispose of all grease trap contents, so that your kitchen or culinary business can function without a hitch. Our sophisticated, portable equipment helps to eliminate odors, and permits easy access to grease traps located on upper out of site areas.

grease traps

For more information concerning drain line and grease trap cleanings, or to schedule your own appointment with us, call Rapid Flow, Inc. at 1.800.286.FLOW.