Catch Basin & Pipe Cleaning

Keeping Storm Drains & Pipes Clear


When a storm drain backs up it can wreak havoc for street traffic and businesses. Debris from the onrush of rain, combined with blockage left over from the last storms, can stop the flow of water and cause it to pool and spread wherever it will! This can mean your business, your basement, or even your car! You could end up spending thousands on repairs and renovations.

Prevent all that with catch basin and pipe cleaning from Rapid Flow, Inc.!

How Catch Basins Work:

Catch basins – also known as storm drains – are generally covered by a grate at street level. This grate acts as a catch-all for the leaves, trash, and other debris that washes over it during a storm; preventing it from contaminating the drainage system.

When there is too much debris (from lack of proper maintenance) in that grate, that system can become inaccessible even to rainwater. This can cause the aforementioned backup and subsequent delays and damages.

What Rapid Flow Can Do:

Rapid Flow, Inc. has the time, tools, training to keep storm drains free and clear of debris. Our company can prevent those blockages that cause damage and flooding with regularly-scheduled service, and keep waterless contaminated. We work with cities and towns all over the Commonwealth and ensure both our residential and commercial customers are consistently out of harm’s way.

For more information about our catch basin and pipe cleaning services, or to schedule your own personalized appointment, call Rapid Flow, Inc. at 1.800.286.FLOW