Our Commercial & Residential Services


Rapid Flow, Inc. always has licensed plumbers standing by ready to respond immediately to any household or commercial emergencies that may arise, unexpectedly. We clear and clean any and all drains - including baths, sinks, tubs, kitchens, and toilets – quickly and efficiently so you can get on with life. Both before and after the drain is cleared, a FREE video inspection of the main drain is conducted to ensure the very best.

Residential Services:

When we come into your home, our technicians are fast, courteous, and clean so not only can you expect that the job gets done in a proficient and timely manner. You can anticipate that we will leave your residence as neat and clean as it was upon arrival, and work with you, one-on-one to make sure your needs are met and we exceed your expectations.

Commercial Services:

Our commercial and industrial drain cleaning services implement the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment for every job. To help minimize any problems that arise, we offer maintenance agreements, as well as 24-hour rapid response emergency service. For more information on specific services click the links below:

Pipe Lining:

Our modern, “no dig” pipe lining technology allows us to seal cracks, holes, and other damage in half the time it would take traditional methods.

grease traps

Grease Trap & Drain Line Cleaning:

Our grease trap and drain line cleaning services prevent damage to your septic system and save you thousands. We make sure no animal fat deposits or vegetable oils clog your setup; costing you plenty in repairs.

emergency services

Catch Basin & Pipe Cleaning:

Catch basins are storm drains. Proper and regular maintenance of these drains is essential for keeping municipal sewer systems clear of obstruction.

high velocity water jetting services

High-Velocity Water Jetting:

At times, conventional snake devices just don’t clear like you want them to. That’s where high-velocity water services really shine.

video inspections

Video Inspection and Reporting:

With our video inspection services, you can see exactly what is causing the blockage in your pipes, and discuss optimal options to solve the issue.

For more information concerning our services, or to schedule your own services (complete with FREE post-service video inspection) call Rapid Flow, Inc. at 1.800.286.FLOW.