Pipe Lining

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The Pipe Lining Process

Prior to the pipe lining being carried out, all host pipes need to be cleared of all debris and tree roots. This can be accomplished through high-pressure water jetting and devices like the “Electric Eel.”

The section of pipe that will be worked on is then inspected with digital HD CCTV drain cameras, and length measurements of the pipe’s interior are taken for accuracy of the liner and resin quantities. After the liner is placed correctly, the delivery system is removed. This leaves behind a smooth, unbroken, lasting liner that is much more durable than PVC pipe. Finally, when everything is working correctly, a drain camera inspection is carried out to ensure immediate use.

The advantages:

• Improved water flow, due to perfectly smooth surface
• Protection from future corrosion or pinhole leaks, indefinitely
• Prevents further movement
• No joints, leaking displaced and tree root affected joints
• No cracks, breaks, or voids
• No more internal corrosion
• No issues from gaps, perforations, or pinholes
• A protective shield between water contact and the internal area of the pipe
• Increased structural integrity
• No infiltration & exfiltration, ever
• No life disruption from construction
• Repairs and maintenance can be carried out in a fraction of the time
• Completely trenchless system
• It's self-supporting

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