Fleet Vehicles

Rapid Flow’s Fleet of Vehicles


Rapid Flow, Inc. has a full fleet of modern utility trucks that can handle almost any issue. Our mobile services work in and around the Boston area, and can deliver the emergency assistance you need 24/7.

Take some time to review your options to find out more about the type of technology Rapid Flow can offer:

  • Grouting Trucks: Grouting is a form of pipe rehabilitation. Unrepairable damage may occur as a result of poor maintenance and prolonging pipe repair. Grouting prevents this and other costly damage, as well as the need for frequent treating that is caused by pipe settlement. The grouting truck is mounted with a pump that pressurizes and mixes grouting chemicals while simultaneously packing the material to fill cracks and imperfections in pipes.

  • Guzzlers (vacuum excavation)”: “Guzzlers” refer to our industrial vacuum loaders. These vehicles recover, contain, and carry away solids, dry bulk, liquid, slurries, and thick sludge. They are especially good for hard-to-reach places.

  • Vactor Truck: Vactor trucks are used to empty sewerage from industrial or individual septic tanks, cesspits. These vehicles are proficient at both street clean-up and loading solids through a suction line to remove and dispose of waste often used for industrial, commercial, and municipal markets.

  • Water Jet Truck: Water jet trucks have a mounted pump that uses pressurized water to flush debris from sewer lines. The pump is attached to a flexible hose (“snake”), and a specialized nozzle, and the water is pushed through the snake. The cleaning heads on the snake spin at high RPMs to clear debris in lines that are used for greater distances such as sags, bellies, sewer pipes, and lines with tight bends.

Additional vehicles in our fleet include:

  • Pipe Lining Trucks
  • Pump Trucks
  • Service Vans
  • Manhole Rehabilitation Trucks
  • Video Inspection Vehicles

For more information about our vehicle fleet, or to schedule mobile services with us, please call Rapid Flow at 1.800.286.FLOW.